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David Allison


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Valuegraphics: We Are All The Same Age Now

June 7 2018, 8:50AM to 9:55AM

Millennials, boomers, Generation X,Y,Z,....In the past, it may have been simpler to program and monetize channels using age to understand audience profiles. People more-or-less did things and behaved in a way that was consistent with how old they were.

Today, that couldn't be further from the truth. Thanks to technology we are all more alike each other than ever before. But we still rely far too much on age-based ideas of who we are trying to reach. How can we profile an audience now that nobody acts their age?

David Allison has spent his career studying how to motivate people, and for the last two years has been compiling the world's largest and most robust database of shared values - the things that matter to people the most. Valuegraphics are based on 60,000 surveys with up to 340 questions from across Canada and the USA, and are an incredibly powerful audience profiling tool based on one simple truth: what we value motivates us most.

David will talk about how to use shared values to profile audiences, increase the ROI of every dollar you spend several times over, and stop making decisions based on ageist ideas that just don't make sense in a world where 60 is the new 40 and 70 is the new 50.

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Principal Advisor, David Allison Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia


Since 1985 David has helped motivate audiences for some of the world's largest brands, across dozens of industry categories. He's advised city-builders, aboriginal nations, universities, arts organizations, investment and banking firms, tourism and hospitality companies, manufacturers, technology providers, retail groups, professional associations and more. In 2015 he sold the ten-year-old marketing communications firm he founded, and launched DAVID ALLISON INC. His work as an author, keynote speaker, award-winning copywriter and director of various organizations adds cross-industry insight to every client project.