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Rob Farina




Featured Panel: Sell Out or Out Sell?
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June 7 2018, 12:45PM - 2:00PM

It’s a refrain that is often heard from on-air talent and content leaders throughout Radio and TV, “What do these damn sales execs want?” We’re already running reams of commercials and name mentions… do we need to sell everything?

Client Integration as part of programming content isn’t something new but is married to increasing demands aimed at keeping advertisers happy, while delivering bottom line growth to TV and Radio. Can integration be subtle, informative and effective?

Hear what some of the leading programming voices in the country have to say about making new advertising that delivers credibility, sells product and services and doesn’t feel like just another commercial spot.

Schedule » Speakers Lineup » Ron Farina

Head of Radio Content, Strategy & iHeartRadio,
Bell Media
Toronto, Ontario


Formerly Head of iHeartRadio, Syndication, and Strategic Initiatives, Farina officially joins Bell Media with oversight of all content for Bell Media Radio, including Canada’s #1 radio station, 104.5 CHUM FM. Farina will develop programming to solidify Bell Media Radio’s leadership position across the Canadian market, while continuing to deliver growth in digital radio. Farina continues to be responsible for Orbyt Media, Canada’s premier radio content syndication group.

Farina returned to Bell Media in May, 2016 as Senior Advisor for the launch of iHeartRadio Canada, and has been instrumental in its success. The #1 radio streaming service in Canada, the iHeartRadio Canada app, which launched in October 2016, has reached almost 1 million downloads, making it one of the fastest-downloaded apps in Canada.

Previously, Farina was Program Director for Toronto’s 104.5 CHUM FM, then Vice-President of Programming for CHUM Radio, before joining Astral as Executive Vice-President, Content and Platforms. He moved to Los Angeles to launch Black Box, a music company that provides strategy, artist development, and digital marketing services. Farina was also Vice-President, Programming and Innovation for Rogers Media’s radio division.