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Ronnie Stanton




Featured Panel: Sell Out or Out Sell?
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June 7 2018, 12:45PM - 2:00PM

It’s a refrain that is often heard from on-air talent and content leaders throughout Radio and TV, “What do these damn sales execs want?” We’re already running reams of commercials and name mentions… do we need to sell everything?

Client Integration as part of programming content isn’t something new but is married to increasing demands aimed at keeping advertisers happy, while delivering bottom line growth to TV and Radio. Can integration be subtle, informative and effective?

Hear what some of the leading programming voices in the country have to say about making new advertising that delivers credibility, sells product and services and doesn’t feel like just another commercial spot.

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VP OF Programming, Alpha Media USA
Consultant, Ronnie Stanton Media
San Francisco, California


Finding success on two continents, from explosive launches of Nova 100 Melbourne and Virgin Radio Vancouver, to acclaim through Australian and Canadian Industry Awards for his Programming, Music Direction and Morning Shows; Ronnie Stanton has quite a story.

In 2008, he accepted the Brand Director’s role with Astral Media Canada for Vancouver BC’s ‘95 Crave’ which he flipped to ‘Virgin Radio’ under the heritage call letters CKZZ. It took just a year for the station to reach the number 1 position in it’s target demographic F25-44. Virgin remains a consistent top 3 player in the market (A25-54) and finished the 2012 Fall book as the number 1 station.

In 2010, Ronnie joined the Randy Lane Company as a part-time morning show coach for some of Randy’s morning shows across the US. In 2013 he moved from Astral to Corus Entertainment where he served as the VP of Programming for three years before joining Alpha Media USA in the same role.