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Caroline Gianias




Radio Connects to Consumers
June 6 2019, 9:00AM to 9:30AM

Radio Connects to Consumers is a robust study delivering insights into consumer attention, engagement and path to purchase among Canadian audio listeners. More than a media study to highlight the strengths of radio, Radio Connects to Consumers delivers the honest truth about consumer attitudes to media, including the "trust factor" (or lack thereof), ad avoidance and attention paid to the media channels.

Study findings will be presented in the context of generational research, moving beyond the trope of "millennials are running everything". Do audio consumption behaviours change as life stages evolve?

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President, Radio Connects


Caroline is an established media industry veteran.  Her extensive C-Suite experience gained at one of the world’s largest and most forward thinking global agency groups empowers her thinking and informs her skillset, ranging from executive client management and internal agency performance and operations to corporate media pricing and benchmarking.  Caroline has served on numerous industry boards and advisory committees and has cultivated trusted senior level relationships with Canada’s largest media owners, advertisers and influencers.   Her comprehensive career in media serves as a major asset in advocating the effectiveness of radio as a successful advertising medium for clients. She is a persuasive communicator and negotiator and is proactive in addressing issues on behalf of clients. Caroline is resilient and thrives on change, harnessing it for both clients and the industry.  Her positive outlook is matched only by her passion for the media industry. 

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